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Stranger Danger

Video of Smart Little Girl

   Twice my son terrified me - or should I say I did it to myself for not keeping a closer eye on him.  But I never believed in leashing a child like an the family pet.

     The first time was in a small party store, I turned away and in an instant he was gone.  He thought it was funny to play hide and seek.  His diapered little butt didn't think so when I found him two aisles away.  The few patrons might have wanted to say something to me, but probably recognised the panic in my eyes, more so than any malice.

     Police were called on this only other instance.  He was only  three and a half, outside playing with somewhat older kids, maybe in the 5 to 7 year-old range.

Typical APT patio
Typical APT
   We lived in one of those apartment complexes where the main entry way to the individual doors is locked.  We were on the ground floor which offered a patio sliding door for easy access to the grassy yard, and for me to slip in and out while keeping an eye on them.  Well, I don't remember what I did, I just know it took long because when I went back outside - ALL the kids were gone! Including MINE! Pure panic - there wasn't a soul around to ask if they'd seen anything.  I called the police and was torn between waiting for them at the apartment or running out the door to search for my little boy !  I met my dilemma half way and stood out in the yard shooting out his name, frantically looking in every direction, hoping for some sign to lead me to him.  It seemed like forever.

     Then, there he was, across the parking lot, crying and banging on the window of an entry way.  My heart dropped - although I knew he was safe in that instant - I couldn't fathom how scared he must have been.  Being able to see his mom but she couldn't hear him.  He was too small to open the heavy door, he was trapped inside.

No words can explain it.

I am happy to say I never lost him again - and I can assure you - I know how lucky I am.


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