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Have you HEARD of the Doomsday Preppers?

            I just saw the show today on a cable channel (I am disturbed about the types of shows out there now - where will it end?).  But this one?  I remember watching  some talk/news/reality segment on a young college female student with all her "apocalyptic" gear and "plans".  Visually, not your typical militia looking co-ed; normal, cute, fit.  But all I could think was... "I don't want to live in her world."  How can any of these people have dreams, much less "the American dream" with such thoughts of devastation, fight for survival, and living on the planet in bunkers with the "flight or fight" mentality???  


           I don't know where they get it from.  Some guy in NY is worried and fortifying his tiny NY apartment from the Wyoming State Yellowstone Volcano ?  Watching the excerpt of him retrieving a food supply from 3 blocks away fully suited for warfare scenario; he's lucky he didn't get shot on the way- HE was scary !!!  AND... his defense for his front door was Charles Bronson-like: broken glass thrown out and down the hallway in front of his door?  Are we all of a sudden bare foot? WTH ???


          IF a major war happens... do you really think being in an underground bunker will save you from the fallout?  No matter how well you plan it out - even Washington can't survive forever, and they have all the money.  And I am flabbergasted that I even know now that one of those billions of containers from China only cost $2500.00 each ??  And they are building an apartment building here in Detroit out of them... nice to know a base price.


           The most disturbing part to me are the children (one wife had her face blurred out, what does that say?).  How do you enjoy childhood and all that it offers when your parents are constantly talking/drilling/worried about an impending doomsday?  This isn't MadMax times !!!  Two touched me the most... First, the man that moved his family to, um, Costa Rica?  Then made his very young daughter (4-ish) watch him slice a chickens neck, after prayer, of course.  Though, my best bet would say the last time she ate chicken was at a KFC.  That's BS, Dad.
           Next came the hung-ho Dad with the wifes' blurred face (definitely not on board) and his two young boys that have weekends taken up by Daddy's obsession.  THEN... I get to ROTFLMMFAO.


           First and foremost... laughing my mother fucking ass off... no acronyms... this pussy passed out over a knuckle.  WHY weren't the kids well trained in first aid?  The damn camera crew had to save you and your thumb in a heli .... AND... they said "get the kids out of here".  What the hell do you think they are going to see when you have them aiming at red and blue fucking balloons representing good and bad people, you fucking idiot?  And you passed out; didn't suck it up, didn't tell your boys to be strong (oh, that's right, you couldn't).  Big tough guy.  Funny banter around your huge kitchen table... months of rehab.... Do you really think that's what's gonna happen when shit hits the fan?  OH... NOW you have the mega of all mega first aid bags.  Good luck with that.  This will definitely be one of my You-Tube favs of all time.


         Where/when will this crap stop?  As individuals we can vote, protest and make our voices heard in a smart way.  To me;  these are extremists, like any other you can compare them to; whether streamline haters, religious freaks, bible-thumpers, the list can go on... right/left wingers, separatists , independents...  I won't see the shit stop in my life time.  And I highly doubt it'll stop in my sons'.  I am not religious... but those of you claiming to do it in GODS' name - will burn in what I think is hell.  A hell of your own making... digging a hole to keep others out, shooting them (who determines who is the red/blue balloon) and so on. Extremists of all walks of life should be ware... only the true pure of heart will prevail... not based on ammunition, religion, or bunker hoarders.  If anything, I do remember hearing "The meek shall inherit the Earth."  I interpret that as "meek does not equal weak" and you will be so busy for a "throne" the peaceful will rise to the top. BOOOYAAAAA!!!


Final thoughts....  this song is NOT only about moms... it's about ALL of us.  Be somebody's FAN.  Stand up and do the right thing, neighbor, stranger, co-worker, mailman, anyone that is being targeted as an underdog... be the SuperHero, no matter how small.  Don't be a downer-doomer... there are good people in this world, down the street, local grocery store, neighborhood cafe, in the parking lot, pass it forward when you can, no matter how small; cause you never know how big it might mean!!

Thank you for reading... let it make a spark, however small.

Embrace the Grey,
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Pissed Peeves…Detroit, Cancer, Drugs, etc...

      I am sure there are alot of people irritated by alot of things in this world but for now I am going to focus on some of the smaller areas.  Meaning: I don't want to argue about world peace, poverty, or healthcare, in the whole wide world.  When they say "it takes only one person to make a difference" ??  
Really ??


     I first thought of writing about this when Angelina Jolie came out about her "cancer" scare ?? How scary is it when you can afford to get a test done that isn't even available to the general public, i.e. poor, because of a family history ??  THEN be able to afford the reconstructive surgery to show off on the red carpet?  Really ??  She's adpoted 3 kids from foreign countries and given birth twice in France…. how American is that ??  Talk about buying American… why do people salute these mega-million "stars" for stepping out on OUR country ?? And sorry, Brad, you are a part of it.  Regardless of your "cameo" in "12 Days A Slave".

Detroit, 2014 

Busy Boy
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      I know Detroit is trying, very much, to help their persona.  But if they keep men like this on the payroll? Not much of a chance.  People judge more than judges do (and they have had their bouts of doubts in that arena also!!).  I wonder what the message is when they elect a white man when a black man is in charge (emergency manager).  As much as Quicken Loans and the rest of the big bucks try… they are in it just for the money.  I just hope the little people get in & out ASAP and take their business elsewhere and prosper. 
Good Luck.
And it's bullshit that the city could get off on a scandal deal with the banks  - $286 million down to $85 million -  when they make the poor worker jump through hoops on a 56 THOUSAND DOLLAR mortgage.  Anyone smell a frigging rat ?  
That's the 1% system !!

Drug Side Effects

Please note - many side effects of medications may not be reported. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist for medical advice. You may also report side effects to the FDA at or 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088).
This comes from my second time of being diagnosed with Vertigo.   NOW… it might be my blood pressure?  Which always came back normal in the office.  I have a lot of questions, and someone will answer them.  This is where my point comes in…
Doctors are NOT gods.
Everytime you have heard someone tell you (whether it be Oprah, Dr. OZ, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, etc) to question your MD…
They are right but not because they are famous or educated,
but because you are in charge!!

I have soooo many stories of friends, relatives, or co-workers after a doctors' visit not being able to explain what "really" happened.  What test was that? DUNNO
What shot was that? DUNNO
What were the results? DUNNO

THAT's Major BULLshit.
     Kinda like the commercials we watch on t.v. that make it sound like whatever you are ailing from is way way better than what the side effects could do to you or your family that are near and dear to you.

Watch "Dallas Buyers Club" and it shows you how the government and pharmacy divisions choose $$ over life. (Another topic.) But don't forget what it means… you could be next.

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