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Pissed Peeves…Detroit, Cancer, Drugs, etc...

      I am sure there are alot of people irritated by alot of things in this world but for now I am going to focus on some of the smaller areas.  Meaning: I don't want to argue about world peace, poverty, or healthcare, in the whole wide world.  When they say "it takes only one person to make a difference" ??  
Really ??


     I first thought of writing about this when Angelina Jolie came out about her "cancer" scare ?? How scary is it when you can afford to get a test done that isn't even available to the general public, i.e. poor, because of a family history ??  THEN be able to afford the reconstructive surgery to show off on the red carpet?  Really ??  She's adpoted 3 kids from foreign countries and given birth twice in France…. how American is that ??  Talk about buying American… why do people salute these mega-million "stars" for stepping out on OUR country ?? And sorry, Brad, you are a part of it.  Regardless of your "cameo" in "12 Days A Slave".

Detroit, 2014 

Busy Boy
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      I know Detroit is trying, very much, to help their persona.  But if they keep men like this on the payroll? Not much of a chance.  People judge more than judges do (and they have had their bouts of doubts in that arena also!!).  I wonder what the message is when they elect a white man when a black man is in charge (emergency manager).  As much as Quicken Loans and the rest of the big bucks try… they are in it just for the money.  I just hope the little people get in & out ASAP and take their business elsewhere and prosper. 
Good Luck.
And it's bullshit that the city could get off on a scandal deal with the banks  - $286 million down to $85 million -  when they make the poor worker jump through hoops on a 56 THOUSAND DOLLAR mortgage.  Anyone smell a frigging rat ?  
That's the 1% system !!

Drug Side Effects

Please note - many side effects of medications may not be reported. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist for medical advice. You may also report side effects to the FDA at or 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088).
This comes from my second time of being diagnosed with Vertigo.   NOW… it might be my blood pressure?  Which always came back normal in the office.  I have a lot of questions, and someone will answer them.  This is where my point comes in…
Doctors are NOT gods.
Everytime you have heard someone tell you (whether it be Oprah, Dr. OZ, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, etc) to question your MD…
They are right but not because they are famous or educated,
but because you are in charge!!

I have soooo many stories of friends, relatives, or co-workers after a doctors' visit not being able to explain what "really" happened.  What test was that? DUNNO
What shot was that? DUNNO
What were the results? DUNNO

THAT's Major BULLshit.
     Kinda like the commercials we watch on t.v. that make it sound like whatever you are ailing from is way way better than what the side effects could do to you or your family that are near and dear to you.

Watch "Dallas Buyers Club" and it shows you how the government and pharmacy divisions choose $$ over life. (Another topic.) But don't forget what it means… you could be next.


     I wrote on this subject once before (click on above link) because it is something I think will never go away.  Just like racism.  Because all parties involved must take responsibility for their own actions involved in every situation.  HATE it and remember telling my son when he was younger two things:  Tell me or report it to the school if it happens & don't ever let me catch you being a bully - hell to pay.  Seriously.  Read the link to read more about THAT point. 

     I don't watch "reality" tv series because they're just disgusting.  But I do enjoy American Pickers and the respect they show to the people they are trying to buy from or just to hear a story.  I also watch some of the other similar shows about flea markets, thrift stores and pawners.  Here comes the problem with that form of tv.  Pawn Stars of Vegas ?? (No, I will not add a link to them.)  They do nothing but put each other down; harassment and degradation is rampant…  then I see a preview of a show with grade school aged children on a "field trip" also allowed (and surely encouraged) to put "Chumlee" down ???  This is entertainment?  This was my breaking point actually.  How can schools fight this when it is glorified on the screen.    There are probably worse 'reality' shows out there (HONEY-BOO-BOO, THE TIARA CRAP, HOUSEWIVES FROM ANYWHERE, TAKE YOUR PICK) and you should react, this is just one of my personal pet peeves. 

Embrace the Grey,

More peeves to come.

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