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SHOP, DROP & Rolllllllllll

A brand new place making old items into new ideas…

  But our passion is for all our furrrever family. 
The one and only of it's kind vehicle pet travel protection.  
Do you let your dog hang their head out the window ?  

And our unique pet beds of all kinds...
See some finished pieces ...
TV's become custom pet beds,
as do computer monitors,
end tables, 
dresser drawers,
toddler beds
(We also make PVC off the floor canvas beds.)

These a just a sampling of some of the things we have done with much more to come...

An old desk updated with refinished oak with black accents.

A metal file case recycled into a wall mounted shelf.

A wood frame turned dryerase board w/ mail holder.

An antique stand up hair dryer became a lamp.
(ask for photo)

Salvaged "time-out" boy/girl seats.

Crib = two patio chairs?

We still have a large amount of items to convert.


This is alot about recycling… as we donate unused items, collect our glass/plastic etc, shop the stores that benefit people in need,  drop off newspapers at the local high school bin,  and all our animals are rescues - we adopted, not shopped for designer dogs/cats.  We collect box tops for education and donate our old phones, eye glasses and anything that can benfit the communities here downriver.

Thank you for stopping by.

The Original L & D,
Lora and Dennis

E-mail us here for inquiries.

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