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Shelter To Home WYANDOTTE MI

They always need the help and care of all you good neighbors and all caring citizens.
(We will help to announce the Third!!)

PLEASE help all year long !!
Visit their website.


      We will be donating a good percentage of our sales of unique items to the shelter.  We adopted three of our babies from them and they do a great job !!  Help us raise money to help them continue their great work.  Maybe you'll find that one of a kind Christmas gift or a little something for yourself while helping our furry friends.  Dennis and I will also be donating chocolate goodies of all sorts for them to keep the entire pay off for their adorable old style house of cats - it's awesome !!!  

       Please spread the word !!               The more the merrier!!

DECEMBER 14 & 15

Embrace the grey,

Lora & Dennis

P.S.         These are a few things we will have for sale...
Patio chairs from crib...

Vintage boot planters...

Finished keepsake boxes...

Come by and check it all out !! Like a little pre-christmas warm up party ;-)

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