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Just A Quick Pest Note...

... though these pests can't read or hear or sense danger.  NO bugs are allowed in THIS house.  I won't step on an ant outside, but any insect inside the walls of my house are fair game !!  EGAD !! (love that word)  And to think I allowed my son to have a "pet spider" for an evening 13 years ago... in a jar... in the house... over night --- still sends chills up my spine.  It's ancestors are probably still here LOL  But, I have to admit, it was cool, sorta. It carried the dreaded white sac on her back -- acckkkk.  STILL can't believe I allowed it.  (Just proves how spoiled he was.)   HA

... I really don't know when or how this phobia started and, frankly, don't care !  I don't budge on this at all... I want the perimeter of my house sprayed, basement, every room... and garage and I always have a can of wasp killer handy.  Plus the the trusty flyswatter at hand - for any bug - flying or not.

... I am getting to a very important point, so bear with me...

This was written, ohhh.... a couple weeks ago. . . . . . . . . (in italics)


Here I sit watching a HUGE (and I mean, HUGE !!) centipede on my wall just past this desk I am typing at... ACCKKKKK  and he/she is on the move.  (Just disappeared behind a picture frame.)  Now down the wall..."

NOT even as big as mine...

    Damn it.  Don't like them, don't find them "interesting" - just not as bothersome as SPIDERS.  
So I tolerate them, depending on the proximity and such. 
(If found in the bathtub? BOILED DOWN THE DRAIN.)  

     I hate bees, hornets, wasps, and gnats (lol), okay that is a joke - they only annoy- not bite.   But my worst paranoia is ---->  spiders.  Of any shape or form - even the aluminum tiny jumping MF-ers !!

Gives me the friggin' willies !!!

       I don't care that they kill other "bad" bugs...  nothing will convince me unless they can cure cancer. 
       Loved my old dog.... he would go into my lack-luster ancient garage and actually EAT spiders out of their webs before I walked in !!  That's my boy !!  Sorry, gross but way too cool for a woman that hates eight legged fiends !!!
DRACO... my boy

      Now... a few weeks later, I can't say that I am happy because I haven't seen any inside dwellers.  They are creepy sneaky little biotches and I am always looking up at the ceilings for nonconformers LOL
      My husband (I am being formal because he deserves it at this point) does grab a paper towel or such to "save" me from these ferocious fiends when they come out of hiding and into my view.  BUT... he also tells them to run and hide if I don't see them - so he DOESN'T have to smoosh them.  Rarely do they hear him... (refer to intro)  

    Here is my lesson to anyone else that detests these intruders... find out which pest freaks out your significant other the most and swear you saw the biggest, baddest mf-er crawling up the wall, next to HIS picture... and "he will fumigate the house" !!  Job done.

    Well, almost well done - of course, he did the computer room (where I did, indeed, watch the very adult, full grown centipede walk across the wall) and the basement, hmmmm... I need to make up some sightings - because I really don't want to see them at all.

    Just a short p.s.

      He leaves the porch light on for me since I am on the afternoon shift - glad I didn't notice til I got INSIDE, but the porch was swarming with some kind of beetles.  So I left the master door open and tortured the cats with hopes of catching something.........
Jo, Sam, Jaz and Mic

Hunting through the glass...
"I see beetles.." 

               Life is short enuff without the bullshit... reach beyond it and grab the bull by the horns.



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