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The BULL Stops Here !!!


      It is a fight that needs to continue until it ends!    Was going to say:   'a never ending fight' !!!!  Though I believe it will never end. It has gone on forever = gladiator times. Are we really this lame? Our technologies give bigots, bullys, pedophiles, murderers, and rapists an avenue to reach their audience/victims. Where do we - the people, parents, teachers, friends, and yes; even strangers come in and say, "NO MORE"???? 

     I taught my son from the get go..... you don't step on ants outside - it's their world.  When we removed the bushes in the front yard and he found a spider that carried a single white baby sack on her back (yeah, I didn't know they existed either!) "Can I keep it in a jar, Mom?"  OMG  (love my son) reply- "If it gets out? Dead meat."  Still love him but by the end of the evening... let it go...... be free spider !!!!!  I detest spiders.... all of them and I still don't know how (to this day) why I let him bring that vile thing into our home !!!  (Hope it wasn't a poisonous one! Bad mommy!!!) By the way, my first instinct was to kill the creepy little thing !!!! They make my skin crawl. But I had taught him to be kind to them in THEIR world, and he was a boy playing in the dirt ! (Some day I will write a post about "hunting"- sure to be a hit in Michigan !!!)

     I was harassed in school; elementary - Jr high - high school - all of them. I don't want to make this about specifics.  That's my point - it can happen at any and every point in life.  But it is the most dangerous during the coming into their own time of life years.  It only takes one "you're bad" to wipe out 10 pats on the back for a job well done for a growing teenager and even younger.   
Sorcerer's Apprentice

     I want to share one thing in particular.  My son does not know any of my history of being bullied. BUT he does know that I would not tolerate him being one of "them". He was, and I shit you not, told: "I will kick your ass if I ever hear about you being mean to someone."  For lack of better 'parent' words. 

     My then 18-year-old son was in his last year of high school, riding a bus home with many other teenagers.... there was an autistic boy aboard - being antagonized by a fellow rider to say things he doesn't understand, but the other teens do; laughing hysterically...... and my son tells the 14-year-old instigator to, "KNOCK IT OFF!"  (though I don't condone violence and my son hasn't been spanked since he was 4 or 5....) The instigator replied, "Knock what off?""  WHAM BAM... My son answered his idiotic question with a punch!   When I asked him why ......?

He replied..... "Well? He asked me stupid question."
    WHY ???

      My son got community service - which is FINE but I had hoped the parents of the child that he defended had come to court to defend his actions.  My son was wrong for hitting that kid, but the community service he was sentenced to was his only punishment. Yes, I talked to him but he was not grounded. 

     When is everyone going to come together? I don't see it happening anytime soon. I was diligent while my son was in kindergarten & up to make sure he was safe and that he didn't cause any harm to his classmates.  Why do parents, to this day, still think it's all a part of growing up?  I will guarantee you - they were the popular ones! And they want their children to be the same and not on the receiving end of endless torment. 

     We all walk through this world together but I see so much greed. And that isn't about the money or materialistic things, it's about the well-
being of us all as a whole and individually.  STOP. 

     Stop the bullshit and open your eyes: defend someone that can't defend themselves, report abuse if you see it, make your children the better person, reach out and offer what you can (advice, a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, etc) but make a point to help stop this madness that is killing our people, especially our children !!!

And as Ellen DeGeneres says, " Be kind to one another."


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