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Surprise.... New Family Member !!!

                                                                       No, I am not pregnant.
Jo and Jaz at the bird perch.(kitchen window)

     In the above introduction, I mention our two cats, Jo(anne) and Jaz(mine). They are 2 years old now and well-adjusted, spoiled, long-haired brats.  I have always wanted a white cat (no Persian or whatever, give me a mutt kitten) and I know they have the tendency to be deaf, like Dalmatians, but I don't care.

     My husband and I went on-line to search for a baby feline we could rescue.  We saw ONE white fluff ball, Sammy, from Madison Heights - sorry,  completed application and adoption accepted, within a span of 10 minutes.  My husband was crushed - the more we looked, the more he didn't like the kittens we looked at.  "I WANT SAMMY!!!"  Really? Yes, like a child (at least he didn't fall flailing on the ground.) !!

     But I was diligent and kept taking him back to the page we found our baby girl on. Do you know how difficult it is to be looking for the same thing but separately on 2 computers, even in the same room? Waaaaa... it was driving me crazy. "No, babe, I'm on page six." "Oh, I'm already in Toledo." "Go back to Wayne County!" Oh, the drama that played out. This was hours into the search.  It got to the frustration stage after that.  I think he just got tired of looking over my shoulder and gave into me.  He does that a lot :-)

First meeting with Mickie

          We went to meet Mickie, a kitten that at so young an age went through hell (her foster mom was diligent in her care, even coming close to losing her to a liver infection) but a bundle of energy when we met her.  ( Thank you, Rhonda and Shelter To Home !!!)  Dennis is not like me (oh, in so many ways ...) but he thinks an animal can find an immediate connection to someone.  This little baby girl had spent at least 3 months with her foster family - she's not going to jump into our arms! But when Dennis saw her beg like a dog/squirrel (you figure that one out) he was sold!  You have to put the time in to reap the rewards of a rescue.  And they are coming to fruition now...

Mickie staying spiffy!

     She is indeed a sweetheart and so tiny !!! But full of spunk !!! We brought her home Christmas eve morning and have been slowly but surely getting the family to "just all get along".  The little gal is standing her ground. Can't wait until these two brats know who's the new queen in town. They broke bread together (cat treats) and shared the laser light. (Hilarious to watch but almost feels like abuse!) We laugh ourselves into belly cramps!!  It can only get better.

     If you are able to help, donate or adopt. You won't regret it !! Jo and Jaz's story is linked to their names above and from the same shelter but a different foster mom, Crysta Busch, thank you, again!

     Mickie was thought to be a boy (born to a Disney themed litter) so they changed the spelling of her name.  And, no, I will not change her name to Minnie! Dennis still wants Sammy.


Our baby girls 2 years ago.  

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