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Downriver Denizens ..........

      Introducing just one of our critters (5 so far this winter)... I don't name them like our friend Kelly does - it's a neighborhood squirrel ! I think he is up there because our dogs are in the backyard.  We lost them last March so the wildlife are safe to forage in our backyard now.
     I have had bird feeders out for ten years and then I married Dennis... we feed them even more now.  Though it can't go without saying: He complains about how much they eat, and I threatened him, "we are no longer feeding two huge dogs, I think we can afford extra bird seed!"  Now he just says, "Going out to feed the livestock!"

     We get all the sparrows, of course - Dennis' babies.  And the community pigeons, but we do have something special - an all white one that looks like a giant dove. It's funny when she is out there with all the "mutt" pigeons.

     We have blue jays that love to steal the squirrels' peanuts (loud squawking all the while!), yellow finches of both sexes, cardinals (mostly males),  red finches, and chickadees...some birds are so vocally recognizable we know when they are in the front yard or neighborhood  tree.  One of our favorites is the downy woodpecker.  The male has a red spot on the back of his head (probably from the wife? It kind of resembles Dennis' )  Remember - male birds are always more colorful than females !!!  LOL

This is not our house........ yet !!!

      I have to say...  I can see this happening downriver not just in some country like area.  They stay at the feeder when we pull up in our truck or even as we fill a different feeder.   Thought he was complaining of seed and suet costs? Wait until he starts buying meal worms... and their housing costs !!!   Dennis actually "petted" a sparrow this summer. Our little piece of heaven in suburbia. 

     The following slide show only reveals some of Michigans' birds, including our state bird, the Robin. But these are all the ones we get in our backyard. When I can figure out how to embed bird calls? I hope to add them. 

     We had a pair of ducks that use to come every season, the male had a lame leg but for 3 years or so they landed in the front yard or across the street.  One day Dennis opened the front door and said "I killed a duck." I freaked !!! WHAT ?!?!?!?!?! He meant he was outside saving me from unwanted odors ...  but I told him you can't say that when we actually HAVE ducks in the yard !!! LOL Men ! Can't live with them, can't live without them and definitely don't want to smell them !!! :-P


Happy 2nd babe, I love you anyway !!! XOXOXOXO

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