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Ready..... Set..... Go? ???

     Oh, Michigan winter when are you going to dump on us ??? Indeed WHEN, because there are no if, ands, or buts about it !!! I can't stand the waiting.... anticipation and dread.  It's like a bad toothache and the impending dentist appointment !!
     Remember those younger years when you were all bundled up in snowsuits and mom or dad couldn't get you to come in to warm up ? Nose as red as Rudolphs' with snot running over blue lips.... Won't catch me doing THAT again !

     Dennis just got his manly snow blower so I am kind of blaming him for the delay (He wants to fire it up !!).  I warned him that his first experience would be 3 feet deep and he'd have to shovel the top layer ! He assured me we would hire the first local kids that came to the door.
     Everyone get ready because it's not just the snow we are waiting for but the chilling temperature to drop and why not throw in some icy rain to round it off ? But that's Michigan and we aren't going anywhere soon.  Dig in or out, whichever may be the case!


P.S.  All I can say is... "What happened?"  And what does the next season bring??

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