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Bullets and Bait....

... does not a hunter make.

       I detest hunting - and I'm not a vegan.  Whether it's in a social setting or assemblies work in a factory, listening to hunters "brag" about their kill is ludicrous.  I have never heard a farmer say, "I bagged me an 8-nipple uttered cow" or "Yeah, I chopped off the heads of 10 chickens in one outing!"

"The movie."
My dad hunted until he was the cause of an unclean kill and the pain it caused.

     In the case of families that rely on deer season to pack their freezer or just the guy who loves venison - have at it.  But I don't want to hear about what a great hunter you are with your bait piles and bullets up high in your blind.
     And I would  caution  the pro-hunters against the argument of "helping" the deer population; the human race is over-populated with scarce food resources and rampant with deadly diseases.

     I am absolutely against children being exposed to guns, in any atmosphere.  Frank's dad gave him a BB gun, first lesson was in preventing eye loss, second to instill again that living creatures are not target practice.

Real story told to me:
     Father gave his two sons new guns and tells them the first one back with a kill.... Seriously?  I don't know what the reward was, but it would have been a kick in the ass by me -> to the father.  I know I would not want to live by people who might shoot my pet to win a father's 'Atta boy!'.

     I don't lump all hunters together, as I stated earlier, but then you can throw in the people who pay for big game kills.  I will never shop at Cabela's again. (And I didn't buy anything on this trip.)  The only thing I shot was a photograph.
Stuffed Trophy
     I was stunned years ago to hear about a type of on-line hunting, where apparently you were in control of the gun from the comfort of your computer chair with mouse in hand.  I think they were wild boar kept in a fenced area with said guns mounted in the trees with cameras.

     In ending, I buy my meat at the grocery store and probably would be a vegan if I had to slaughter my own cow.  If we were talking about survival, I could do anything for my family.  To be honest, I once ate venison, unknowingly as jerky.  It was delicious.  But I cannot eat what I don't support 100%.


This is not about being against responsible gun ownership.  Just hunting.
Keep the Mourning Dove safe.

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