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I Married a Hi-Lo Driver? ???

That's what my husband likes to call himself.
 He's all kinds of handy around the house...

     He does laundry- and I'm not complaining - yet.... some times I don't let him. 
 There are items that I need air dried - like my fat pants
 (my words, not his) he prefers lounge pants. 
And how he gets bleach spots on any number of things is beyond me.
     He does dishes.  Since my son moved out - meant I lost my dishwasher. 
Dennis says if I cook and he gets to eat, (does that mean edible food?),
 he doesn't mind cleaning up the mess.

     He does the grocery shopping.  I know it sounds wrong to say?
  But I hate shopping, of any kind.  And I must say he is getting better at it.
  Only had to take back $12 worth of can food last time.
     He does vacuuming, mopping, painting and detailed car cleaning....

     We do all these chores together to reach the common goal of having our weekends free.  He always picks up the slack when I work overtime and I am sure to show him I appreciate all he does for us.

Now to the real story...

     He is an electrician,  NOT a hi-lo driver.

     He put up and wired our garage lights, installed recessed lighting when we remodeled the bedroom, wired the entire new basement bathroom so we could start on the master bath.  Having said all that?

     I watched him for 30 minutes as he fought getting the new kitchen remote controlled ceiling fan together, insisting he had put up "hundreds of ceiling fans".  I asked him, "What's the directions say?" "I don't need any damn directions!" So I picked them up off the floor and informed him of a step he may have missed... and "viola" success.

     When we combined our linen and living room closets to make a walk-in, he wired it for it's own light.  Which would not turn on unless the nearby bathroom light was on, then when you shut off the closet light the bathroom lights would dim.  Don't ask me, I'm not an electrician... but he bypassed all the old wiring and finally we had light, the right way, in all rooms.
     We had redone our kitchen and the new gas stove arrived which he promptly hooked up.  You know, we don't have those gas pilot lights anymore?  Well,  question is, does a hi-lo driver?  He saw the "ring of fire" not firing up.  He could hear it sparking, but no results?  Hmmm,  here, let me put my finger over this little igniter and see what happens... a scream of sorts ??  Yes, the hi-lo driver got a shock from the electrical ignition because he never put the 'plate' on that triggers the flame.  Oh my !!!

     During that same remodel, he had to change out the gfi plugs, switches and such.  He asked me to let him know when all the power was off to said feeds.  Yelling down to the basement... "Off"  "Off"  "Off"   "Okay, babe, I got it from here."  Until... AAAAAAhhhhh  zapped by the garbage disposal, OOPS !!  He never thought to turn it on and make sure the power was cut.  It didn't cross my mind.
I never get to watch.

     What you need to take away from this?  Well, numero uno - hire a real electrician. LOL Just joking. But these were stories nobody ever needed to know about!  He willingly confessed, bragged, and joked about them all and I have forgotten some and he won't tell me about them? Go figure.
So I am not telling stories of secrecy... but in secret, I fear for his safety.

Electricians' rule of thumb is  --->  for every time you get zapped, you get a grey hair.

I think I'll buy stock in grecian formula.

I just thought of my Great Wise Uncle   :-)


See, I wasn't lying about him being a Hi-Lo
driver !!

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