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Do You Like Being POKED ?

     Let's just say I could never be a heroin addict - and pray I never become diabetic.  My adrenaline runs so high - I pass out !  Obviously the first time was a surprise.  I came back to finish high school from Arizona and had to get my shots updated.  In the exam room, I remove my jacket - and BA"AM - left arm injected, put my jacket back on and the nurse says, "No, one more."  I honestly believe I would have been fine after the one.  But I followed my step-mother to the front counter, waiting while she paid- down I went.  Of course, I didn't realise that until they had smelling salts under my nose !!

     Next time was when I was pregnant and getting a blood check-up and due to my previous story, they promptly sat me in one of those schoolhouse type chairs, exposing my arm across the desk - and again, honestly, had she stopped at one tube of blood? But the third proved too much and out I went again.  (I probably should not have been watching either.) The real question is... why did I think I could?

     By now I have learned - I MUST LAY DOWN.  It doesn't make the fear/adrenaline rush dissipate - it's just safer.  On my second trip to the hospital for a cervical cancer test- I explained this again to a nurse and she assured me she was very good at inserting sharp instruments into human veins.  I said "OK" - and she was very good, hardly felt a thing.  She left the room,  and all hell broke loose.  Every monitor they had me hooked to went off like it was Christmas.  She came scrambling back in, "Are you okay?" "I told you I didn't like needles."  "I guess so." She felt so bad for me, she went and got a damp cloth for my forehead and I assured her - 'this happens all the time'.

     Now the only "funny" episode I have regarding my phobia - is when I was in labor with my only son.  They did all the prep work and decided to break the water - I almost had him in the toilet (a first time mothers' fear) !!  Pulling the cord for the nurse - "Look Lady, this baby wants out, NOW."  They wheeled me into the birthing room and they automatically IV you in case of trouble.... his father literally leans over me, practically laying next to me on the table, to block my view.  I was like..... "ARE YOU SERIOUS? SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW" as a contraction hits home.  I will never forget that moment in the delivery room.  And, no, I didn't pass out during the birth of my child.
My Frank

     Now I lay down for blood taken, with pride (I don't need a designated driver).  I don't get the flu shot and I am looking into those dentist (not Tim Conway) offices that wake you up when it's all said and done.


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