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Vehicles and their Vulnerable Vixens... VROOM VROOM

     My husband was telling me about a phone prank (thinking it was MoJo in the morning?) a father wanted them to pull on his daughter.  Situation being her car was in the shop and they needed to discuss the repairs with her.  Dad knowing she hadn't a clue, I think he should be embarrassed - not broadcasting!!

                       *MOJO                                                             "GIRL"

*Need halogen fluid for your headlights.                  "Um, okay."

* Low pressure $50 dollars per tire.                           "That's $100 bucks."

*No Ma'am, there are 4 tires = $200.                         "Oh, yeah, okay."

*Why doesn't your car have a transmission?             "Do I need one?"

*Do you drive in reverse a lot?                                  "Just backing out of the driveway."

*Well, could you park out on the street?                    "I guess I could."

*Now one more thing, we noticed your car            
doesn't have a lighter and that is a free                      "How much is all this going to cost?"
item, but there is a $70 dollar
installation fee.                                                          

*We can round it off to about $2400.00?    
                                                                      "WOW. I'll have to call my dad to borrow the money."

     I know technology has made it difficult to repair your own vehicle even for the most knowledgeable men out there, but some stuff should just be plain common sense;  oil/transmission fluid checks (latter while car is running- if it hasn't changed?), windshield washer fluid, air pressure, air filter, wiper blades.  Just some of the simpler things all women should know.
     I worked at a gas station years ago and I was surprised to learn just how many people had no clue how to check any of those things.  My dad, probably like most daughters, worked on my old cars.  But I didn't sit in the cozy warm house or say "Be back later to pick it up" - I was out there with him learning (and bonding) but it gave me confidence then and now when I walk into a garage and the mechanic thinks I am clueless.  It feels good.
     If you are the man in her life;  husband, uncle, brother, grandfather, boyfriend - whatever position you hold, I think it's pertinent to deliver hands-on-training for small necessary pre-maintenance and maybe discuss others. (I could change the brakes on my Cougar.) So I am not saying you have to chip a $40 nail job,  just be aware of your second most expensive investment you'll ever make, and learn how to take care of it.

     Seriously, if you think about it?  It makes sense.  I waited on women at the gas station that didn't have a clue.  That's when they still had full service islands!  I don't think they exist anymore.  And it's hard to find a good garage that won't take you for all you've got.  Please, if you don't know much now? Ask, and get educated... my husband made sure his three girls could change a tire - the fear now is multiplied ten times or more (that was 25 years ago!).  It is empowering... it is not just about how much it costs if you can afford it.

We have a good mechanic now (we're too old to be under a jack) but it's still good to know what you're talking about.

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