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Penguins but not the Pittsburgh ones....

Jamr Jagr
      I sort of had a crush on JJ - even begged for tickets to a game when they were playing our Red Wings (the company I worked for gave them away as perks to customers).  I don't remember who won but in hind-sight I am embarrassed of the sign I held (my poor son!):

J ust
A nother
G orgeous
R ight Wing !!!     

     I am talking about an edible penguin....

View example here!
      These are the cutest little fellas... and I found them at
 a co-workers house on a sheet of foil, some blue for the
water, an igloo, and mounds of snow - all edible.  I don't 
have that much patience and people liked them just the same,
but that doesn't mean you can't come up with your own
     They really are easy to make... it's all in the prepping of the
items to get you in the swing of things and belting out penguins
like a pro.  I like to make the front as a "V" cut,  looks more
like a tuxedo to me.

I used green olives for MSU and food coloring to make the
cream cheese "maize" color.  Cheering section had radishes
for OHIO.  I tried to color celery for the helmets but they
needed more soak time.
MSU won !!! Don't be blue !!!

     But I did make a football field when we were invited to a U of M vs. MSU party.  It probably could have been done better but it was a last minute idea.  Everyone liked it.
Blimp view :-)

 It is very easy to do... a sandwich baggy filled with room temperature cream cheese, a knife, jumbo and small olives, carrots and toothpicks, that's all you need.  And if I came up with the football field idea - the possibilities are endless !!! 

  I love this idea for a hockey party (kid is grown) but if you like the basic poor American meal... this can add some fun to it....

Stanley the Octopus
     And this next one I did years ago for my sons' birthday at school... I always liked doing something different for him (yes, he is spoiled rotten) but I never heard if the girls liked it or not?  Worm Cupcakes.
     This recipe says to "glue them to top" ... but I remember the box (HA, I ain't no from scratch girl!) instructing me to use a pencil to poke a hole in the center and pushing the worm in.  I actually think that looks much cooler. 

     I asked my husband for a quick final recipe to pass along.... he's all for the homemade "chex" mix.  I have to make extra to fill his bedside table stash, he takes some to work and it was a part of the Christmas party "bring a dish".  Our list is endless and add to it whenever something lights that bulb.

Honeycomb cereal
Pretzels = broken rods, sticks, peanut butter filled
Nutter butters broken down
Bulls eyes- caramel with white in center (I know when he has one of those - cow chew)
Cheezits - white and cheddar
Potato shoe strings
Curly Q pretzels
Mini Reese's
Corn , oat or whatever chex like squares
Walnuts - freshly shelled (not til next Christmas)

      You get the idea... sometimes I set a layer out on a cookie sheet (if we are short of chocolate) and drizzle it with Melton wafers.  I don't know if it's cheaper to make your own? But I do know it doesn't go stale and there's never any leftovers.  You can make it as good or as sinful as you like... just enjoy.

     And the first recipe I wanted to share buried in the old posts....  Pizza in a slow cooker


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