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Our Baby Girl - MAXINE

      I mentioned to you in an earlier post that our Max deserved her own post... and INDEED she does !! I wanted to make it as special as she is.  It started out as a trip to meet my boyfriends' daughter in Tennessee, she had shared pictures of her "Lady", a full-blooded golden retriever, pregnant and the 5 puppies pictured below:
Our girl is at center.

     I thought the pups would be long gone by the time we arrived... 3 were.  But Max and the black one were left behind, living under the porch- leaves (as in leafs) as their toys.  The meet and greet was wonderful with the humans (this is Max's story) as well with the animals but when it came time to leave?  Hmmm, that little (remember that adjective)  4" tall puppy stole my heart.  A crate, leash and 3 flea baths later... she was in our truck for the long trek home.  And very well behaved, though she wouldn't take her potty training rest-stops to heart?  I had faith.  Until she arrived home in Michigan... brought her into the back yard and.... all HELL broke loose !!!

     My male boy of 13 years  (pit/rott mix dog, Draco) didn't take so kindly to the new gal.  AT ALL !!! We thought he would kill her ! Seriously... held back by a neck chain.  I knew he was "jealous" of me and would defend me to the death, but never expected this intense reaction. Had never hurt anyone in all that time!!! I was worried. 

    I wanted to give this lil pup a home.  But I could not deny my boy his territory, I understood.  But, hey, root for the underdog!  She spent a week at a friends' place and my boy settled down, and the pup learned to be submissive.  So the second meeting went much much smoother.
AMAZING what transformed between the  two.......... an unlikely friendship to a huge bond...


     I think she actually gave that old man a couple extra years of quality living, trimmed him down and kept him entertained.  She was smart as a whip.  We taught her sign language of sorts:  held a treat in our fingers and touched our hand to our shoulder and she knew that was "SIT", touched index finger to thumb repeatedly and that was "SPEAK",  point index finger to floor was "DOWN",  shake was typical of just holding out your hand for both paws, we taught them to stay out of the kitchen (as much as possible) and snapping your fingers and pointing away from kitchen meant "OUT" -- and she would back up (she needed one of those warning back-up beepers!) until she was just at the threshold, and eventually inching her head back in. 

     She loved her little toddler pool !!  We found once she learned to hold her breath she would "save" all her toys from drowning!  Couldn't stand them being in the pool; case in point --->
Dad playing in the pool with her.

      We think Lady got pregnant by at least 2 different males since the puppies were so odd.  Because of Maxs' markings, we think coon dog and from the south:


  We think Max has more light brown due to mom.


   We cage trained her from the get-go, first time for all of us and she loved it !! No problem come morning and work was calling... she galloped right in and waited for the early a.m. treat !!
"Where's my treat, Mom?"
     She was an exceptional dog. We love and miss her to this day, every now and then thinking she'll come running to the kitchen for an ice cube when she hears us prepare a drink.  Jazmine and her were buddies, but a purring feline freaked her out. Maybe she thought they were growling? Please watch the slide show, she grows up, has fun and might even sit on someones' head? 

     We love our cats, miss our dogs and hope to save another kitten soon. Where are you Sammy? Daddy keeps looking for you....  Please support a local animal saving center.  Let me know about any others I should be toting as the place to help!  And I thank all the foster homes out there, you people are....

And when the MHS cleans up their kill rate?  I will back them up, too.

Hug your animal today.......and


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