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Dragonheart = My Draco

Know the movie "DragonHeart"? 
Draco, is his name and  Sean Connery did the voice in the movie.
My sweet Draco.
 This video freaked me out - mirror image of my dog!

       I have to laugh about this chair picture!  He was only allowed on the couch - "if" we were on it, too. My mom helped me raise him, and spoil him.  She was such a tiny thing next to this monster of a puppy, but he loved her so much!  I don't believe in "kissing" dogs, but mom adored it, and let him!  So be it, as long as he didn't lick me to death, who was I to say nay?  After mom passed, I would come home and (finally) saw my chair moving in the picture window.... hmmmm?  If I moved fast enough I could catch him slithering out of the chair (in his later years) and as you can see?  He really didn't care if I caught him! The good old boy always had an over-sized doggie bed to lay on but still preferred the furniture. 
     I taught him to sneeze for a treat, yet at some point and time, he made it into a sign to go outside? Seriously?  YES.  He would still sneeze on command but if he needed the outdoor facilities... he sneezed. And he didn't JUST sneeze... it was an episode!  He would purposely go into the bed/bath room, come charging out (like a raging horse) shake his head and pretend to have a sneezing fit !!!!  No barking - too funny and sweet to remember.  His tricks were so well rehearsed?  I barely had to say them... always done in the same order, he basically knew what was coming next.  That's where hand signals came in.... but that's another story about our sweet Maxine, she deserves her own post.  And you'll read and see why....
Maxine with Grandpa Draco

The man that made that You Tube video posted a picture of his dog, he actually looks like my step-daughters "Bruno".  But in the light of the video... I like to reminisce anyway.

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