Pizza in a Slow Cooker . . . Melting pot of thoughts, ideas, and stories of family, love and throwing everything in but the kitchen sink.

Opps! A blog called "WHAT" ? ? ?

     Well that's what happens when you aren't that computer savvy and try to title a post before you title your blog.

      But since I already started, I may as well continue until I learn how I can change it. Or I can leave it and see what happens - it could be like a blog called "chicken noodle soup for the soul" but just "updated" :-)  or consider it a melting pot of thoughts and views of miscellaneous hodge-podge. I like to think my life experiences have given me something worth saying even if we don't agree on a particular point of view.  Or share a fun time or learn a new trick, maybe even some advice thrown in? And this is probably the hardest part - getting started and feeling comfortable and free in expressing whatever story I might want to share.
     I'll give you a quick overview of me. I am married (3rd time a charm) to finally the Right One !!!!  I have one college aged son (Thank you, 1st husband - only thing good you ever gave me.)  I love pets, especially big dogs (had a Rottweiler/pit bull mix for 13 yrs) he was my baby boy !!!  And a gal named "Gizmo" - my 19-year-old tortoise colored cat that went through thick and thin with me. Had a ferret at one point but do love all animals, as does my husband.
     But on another note; I was known as seeing things in black and white, hardly any grey. I like to think I have progressed and grown from that point in my later years (46 this month).  But I look forward to posting more topics and hope you can take what you may like and leave the rest behind.


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