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The Air I Breathe ...

... Let me ask you this --->>  Do you approach your place of employment and see a similar sign?

     Now, I initially was going to rant and rave about the extended ban on smoking in ALL facilities EXcept casinos.  Which, of course, Wayne County can't possibly enforce; because I am a smoker.  This was in the rough draft.... "don't lecture me."  (as I sit smoking while I type)  

     I was one of those ranting, "I'll never go to the restaurants!"  "I won't visit the local pubs!"  "We'll show them, babe!"  "Those non-smokers shouldn't be in the bar if they don't like smoke, that's what drinkers do - smoke!"  (as I sip my rum and pepsi)   ETC
     And then there it was ...proof.  ALL the businesses complaining of lost patronage, income and traffic.  Now I won't denounce them.  I hope they take it all the way through court based on discrimination. 
Us (99%) VS Them (1%)
 Small business VS Casino  
Government needs to stay out of our lives (local, state, and federal), because beware what comes next

     Then after giving in and going to a non-smoking eatery, I realized something.  Like a light bulb !!  The restaurant businesses aren't hurting and let me tell you exactly why. (I waitressed in the past.) Fast turn over.  HUH?  Yeah,  smokers do not sit and chit chat or ask for more coffee - they spilt for a smoke !!  Who would have thought?  Now, the question is... how do we motivate the non-smokers to sit, eat. pay, tip and skedaddle ?? 

     The bars are a different scenario.  Let's just say I bought stock in 'Altoids' !!!  I have heard rumors about drinking establishments running per visit "pay as you smoke" deal.  A dollar allows you to smoke and if the bar doesn't get busted?  They will throw a party with the money it took in.  I don't know exactly how that works (I use my dollars on Keno), but 'rumor has it'.  

     In closing,  this wasn't just about the injustice of it all (as smokers see it) and being persecuted for doing nothing illegal (I am over 18) but here again...

... Let me ask you this --->>  Do you approach your place of employment and see a similar sign?


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