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The Memory of Innocence...

Recently, I overheard some coworkers discussing the trials and tribulations of their growing children - teenagedom, virginity lost, puberty found. 

Condoms, pubic hair, Oh my !

It reminded me of a time of innocence and comedy.  My son was 5-ish and ever since he was a newer born I would take him in the shower with me,  as a time for bonding or bedtime was fast upon us.  The final shower came when he stood there, looking up at me with those bright blue eyes and said, "Mommy, you have big boobs."


Why is it we always remember what they said, because I'm not sure of my response?  Maybe I chuckled and assured him, "No, no  son, I don't."  If he ever remembers the incident, he knows I spoke the truth.  So his small observation made it clear I did not want to invite more intuitive questions that were sure to follow.


<<--- Case in point.

Who ever saw a snowman with a pee-pee? If I had taken a better picture you would see what I mean.  Have no idea where he came up with his choice of making it anatomically correct.  He didn't see that in "Frosty The Snowman".

     Once he was old enough to bathe alone (meaning trusted to clean behind his ears, etc) he would scamper to his room.  

     Let me explain.... There may be all of thirty-six inches of hallway between the powder room and his retreat, if you were seated on the living room couch.  Every evening I got the same little vision:  naked toddler, towel wrapped around his shoulders, stooping down so the towel was sure to cover everything and the pitter-patter of little feet running across the wooden floor.  I don't know if I ever tried explaining a better way to wrap himself or if he just didn't believe me.  Because sometimes he had the towel so high that pink little bottom would be peeking out.

     I don't think my son follows my blog (he's 22) but if I want to embarrass him - I'll just pull it up for Angelia, his girlfriend.  And we love to hear her laugh !!!

-->>Hear a baby imitate her laugh<<--


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