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... Go To "H" "E" "Double L" ????

Is your Snow blower packed away ??

     What happened to winter?  I know time flies (young ones don't grasp this) but seriously pushing 80 degrees in MARCH ?  I knew something was up when all the Downriver Denizens started showing up early, which means Dennis has to keep the feeders full more often.  (And he complained about our two  huge dogs, Maxine and Draco!)

     At least now, when chatting with my Great Uncle in Arizona, I don't have to be so jealous of the difference in temperature.  So summer is bullying it's way into our spring, are the four seasons going to be a thing of the past?  Let's hope not, one reason we enjoy our great state, right?  What would the  hunters do without snow to track in - HA ?  Maybe they can borrow my bait pile?Rudolph may be safe then.  Let's not yet count ourselves as the cat who caught the canary.  April is yet to come and I am afraid of the  air  we will be trying to breathe come June, July and August.



We lost a great member of Wayne County.

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