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                                                                                                                                               We had to have Dennis' son build us a bathroom from bare cement in the basement before we could take on the MASTER BATH, needed the back-up.  While shopping for downstairs, it only made sense to keep an eye open for what we might like for the down-to-the-studs MASTER BATH.  Much to the dismay of Dennis; as it meant any and all articles, pictures or reviews pertaining to a powder room were laid on the table for discussion.
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     Thanks to the Tile Shop in Westland, all outer walls are lined with real-time examples, I saw a rain shower, though I assured Dennis that it didn't have to be dome shaped, a simple recessed square would do.  I then decided against it and our contractor said he had one and it just feels like someone peeing on you? Yeah, I didn't ask how he knew that.


     Thanks to all those do-it-yourself shows - and I am married to an electrician, radiant floor heat seemed a no-brainer.  Plus it wouldn't be much in materials and the thought of warm footsies straight out the shower sounded wonderful.  This also got put to the wayside because our bathroom is one of the warmest rooms in the house and I'll have area rugs down.

Porcelain God VIDEO 

     Thanks to an error of measuring in the basement, our $60 toilet became a $170 one so we didn't have to tear down a perfectly good wall.  So I pointed out to Dennis that there is no way the MASTER BATH can have a lesser throne. A must see --->>

     We wanted a bigger tub/shower area and the luxury of a spa.  But after much measuring and debate, we decided we don't bathe that often (at least not in a vat of water).  Plus, unless you have a larger area, you actually lose space in and outside of a jacuzzi tub.  We settled for deeper and wider and will add a curved shower rod for effect.

      Oh, I had dreamed of having heated towels upon exiting the shower, too.  It was wishful thinking or I don't shop where the stars do?  Now I am leaning towards that three armed holder instead of the standard rod on the wall. More happy hunting to go.  Think Amazon has what I am looking for.

Simple Human
       A quick story about this next item.  I am all about space and the need for it in a small home.  That's why the weight bearing wall at the landing to the basement became a pantry.  As the front room closet and linen closet became a walk-in closet with linen shelving access in the MASTER BATH.  We knew we wanted a recessed medicine cabinet and were leaning toward custom made when our contractor suggested putting it on the opposing wall in place of using a small mirror to check out your hair-do?  As I thought about it... I realized I am past that stage in my life where I check out how my jeans fit (Ladies, you know what I mean).  I took the advice but I centered it on the wall and knew I didn't want another mirror.  I find the perfect answer, but with sticker shock $319 bucks ! Recessed with a picture frame, flush to the wall and you supply your own artwork.  I go to show/reveal/explain this to my dear sweet husband because I am not so sure I want to spend that much money on a small space.  He promptly stated, "IF you can buy a $189 dollar 13 gallon trash can for the kitchen, you can buy this!"  It's in the bathroom now.

     We are not finished with the MASTER BATH yet and I will share the finished product when complete.  But it has been a journey with bumps in the road, but considering what it was like?  It will be heaven.  I've shared a couple "in process" photos because I love our custom window and remember me talking about space?  Well, we have a "cubby hole" to die for !! (36" x 32") And no light? I married a HI-LO driver... you can read more about him here.  By the way, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, no pun intended.  *winks*


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