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J - E - L - L - O


     All during my younger years I had never entertained the idea of making jello shots.  Probably at that time thinking it was just too much work for the pay off.  It wasn't too long ago I went to a ball game with neighbors and she had a cooler full.  Even though I ate them - they were hard to swallow !!  Colors were pretty but the taste -->> way too much VODKA !!

     That's when I started looking up recipes and they were all pretty much the same; water, gelatin and vodka.  So with an idea in mind, I set out to experiment.  Which really didn't end up a true experiment because they came out so lovely.  What do I mean by lovely ?  Awesome hues, perfect texture and very edible flavor.

You will need:
1.25 ounce clear cups with lids.
16 to 32 ounce measuring cup with pour spout.
8 ounce measuring cup.
Cookie sheets.
Your choice of gelatins, juices, and liquors. (and vodka)

Chill the liquors and vodka (juices should be cold already).  Measure the boiling water in large container and dissolve gelatin according to package instructions. Slowly mix in rest of liquids, pour into cups that are waiting on cookie sheet and place in refrigerator. Once set, place cap and... 
Let the party begin !!

                              Best Jello Shot Recipes
                               (NOTE: 16 oz combination for any flavor = AWESOME)

                                  Fuzzy Navel                                       Cherry
                                  6 oz boiling water                              8 oz boiling water
                                  3 oz orange juice                               4 oz cherry pucker
                                  4 oz peach schnapps                          4 oz vodka
                                  3 oz vodka

                                 Berry                                                  Apple
                                 6 oz boiling water                               6 oz boiling water
                                 2 oz berry juice (choice)                     2 oz apple juice
                                 4 oz berry pucker                               4 oz apple pucker
                                 4 oz vodka                                          4 oz vodka


     I always make a double batch when I am throwing a party because I don't want to run out.  Just double up the gelatin boxes and the amount of boiling water (for set up purpose) then keep the other liquids added up to thirty-two ounces, if you are making a flavor not listed here.


I have not been able to find the apple jello since my first batch, and they were so good !!!   :'-(

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