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A DayBed for dreaming ...

     Get your grill cleaned up, your patio furniture unpacked - let's get our summer good times rolling !!

     We bought our patio set last year so we are still happy with it.  There are two areas in our backyard; the driveway at the back of the house and a 17' x 40' slab at the back of the property (Ha, we are lucky enough to have half of the alley that use to run between the houses.)  Our older chairs claim that area with a table custom made out of my old water bed and 4" x 4" posts for legs. 

(Which has to be refinished; ahhh, the chores of springtime!)

     Now, I told you about this because of something I saw in a magazine.  Just like the post I made about our MASTER BATH and all the goodies I wanted in it.  (It's big reveal coming soon!)  Yes, this new item has me wistfully dreaming of a new space - if only it would fit ?  I don't think my husband would appreciate me having his "man cave" torn down just to accommodate this luxury -->>>

" Isn't it gorgeous !!! "
Spartan Daybed

     Realistically I can't have it, but I can continue to dream how good it would look next to my deep green soft sod, viewing it from our soon to be built cozy deck, sipping a cold margarita.


Go Green !!  We use a concoction of beer, Epsom salt and ammonia  to treat our lawn.

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