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Best Birthday EVER...

 My son was (and still is) into video games but at the prime of turning a teenager I came up with a fantastic idea.  I'm probably not the only one, but back then, it seemed like it.  So much so that it was still an awesome thing to do 3 years later at the age of 16. 
Yes, his name was Dominator!

      I decided to throw my son an X-BOX party for his 13th.  Not just boys fighting over who was up next or next up takes on winner but a well devised plan of keeping chaos at bay.  I'm glad my sons' voice had changed by this time, because there were times he raised it to get their attention for mom.  But we had a tournament board with brackets, pulled colors out of a hat and had 4 televisions set up with X-BOXes and the very popular Halo.  Each match was 4 on 4 -  King Of The Hill.  I think I might have had a better time just walking from area to area, watching the teenage tactics of video warring.

     I don't have a big house.  I had two kids in each area: 2 in son's room, 2 in my bedroom, 2 in the living room and 2 in the basement.  Because of the layout, team BLUE was in the sons' room and basement; team RED was living room. and my room, hence no cheating by viewing the other teams' screen.  That's what made it fun for me, knowing what they were up to and seeing if the others could figure it out.  (I used to game Delta Force 2 and the following Delta games ---> let Daygirl live on forever !!).

     Of course, the house was decorated in theme, green and black balloons and streamers.  I don't remember much of what Frank got for his birthday either year, I know his friends messed with him with the cards they bought, but it was all in good humor.

     I must tell you, because it is a part of the story I will never forget: Terror!  At a teenage party? YES.  First because I bought my son an air horn (knowing yet not knowing the full intentions of it, especially at 3 AM !!!)  Took it away and now it only sounds off on Red Wing goals !

     But when you have a basement full of teenage boys slumbering and the carbon monoxide alarm goes off ?  "Everybody up and top floor, how do you feel, headaches, etc?"  I was going crazy... I just poisoned all my sons' friends?  What do I tell the parents ?  Can feel that feeling to this day.  Parties are over (he's 22 now) and my best advice is --->> replace the damn batteries !!

     It was a wonderful time... we all had something in common that day, just enjoying being together doing the things we do.  My son will always remember it, as will I.  But the rest of his birthdays are his own, do what you will, son of mine.
     Much love always, Mom.


It might sound excessive, but my son had a 1,2,5 13,16 birthday -->> not every year.  And it should not be every year in my opinion.  That's a "gimmie" mentality. We spoil them enough.  Stop.

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