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Small Place - Big Space

May 12, 2012
     I have to start this story with my Uncle Tom being a jack-of-all-trades and showing me his work of art... as in using unknown wasted space, hidden from the eye, as workable and very helpful.  Most of us have probably seen those decorative recessed shelves between the joists in older homes, I have three: one in a small hallway - was a land line phone holder, and two in the living room - both partially covered by something (hence no photos).


     I was sitting in my kitchen, looking at the landing that leads left down to the basement and at the right the back door.  We have a small house and space is everything, so I started wondering if we could, as my Uncle did, cut out the wall and make shelves.  I already had plumbing access to my bathroom and wondered why couldn't it open it up for "more access"? 

     Dennis and I discussed it... he's an electrician, not a carpenter, yet is a HI-LO driver ?  So we called in the experts ( we know people ) and were told "if you mess with plaster (old house) the whole wall could crack and need replacement". In other words?  Not up to the task.
Blank Wall
     My darling husband refused to believe it.  "I have a metabo it can be done!"  We knew the mess would be large and minimized it with plastic.  But the good news is we did not crack the wall AND our studs were actually part of a weight bearing wall, meaning we have 6 inch studs instead of 4. I did all the math that had to be done as far as shelf positions -->> stacking cans, width, 12 packs and such.  I cannot tell you how much this has added to the storage in our kitchen !!

(This is the second re-do because we just re-did our bathroom which resides on the other side.)
Pantry in the Making

     When we had our kitchen re-done, our cabinet guy made us doors to match.

And when our Master Bath finally got done -->> We got to fill our pantry again !!!

     I know there are a lot of companies out there peddling their wares... and some are good (I have two pull out drawers hidden in my house :-) ) but sometimes you have to go beyond their reach and make the place your own.

     There is nothing I have done in this house to 'take away' from it.  You can always change the paint, but the storage options I created will live on long after I am gone.  Hopefully to a nice young family or a couple down-sizing.

We don't plan on moving, but I think the improvements will strike a cord with on-lookers!  And, NO, it's not for sale !!  But thanks for wanting.

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