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Can FEAR be a gift ?

      I heard about this book as a recommendation from Bobby Thomas from the TODAY show.  In an earlier post about nothing to do with reading, (Simply Adele),  I clamored on about a variety of popular books out recently and they are entertaining in their own genre (always wanted to use that word in a sentence and not just read it in a crossword puzzle!).  This is my review of a real book, not one for entertainment. 

     It has fifteen chapters and though you might think they don't pertain to you; they all offer something to learn.  One of the best parts that hit me was about a dog, yes, your family pet.  An excerpt from De Becker's book-->>

      Yes, I tore out pages and scanned them (not just to save my typing skills) but to let you see it in black and white his engaging writing.  
      I had a similar situation with my big over-bearing dog; thought he knew "how to behave" when a particular person visited.  I was thinking, "Wow, he knows this person can be mean and expects everyone to be on their best behavior."  When in reality he stayed calm to reassure me.  Amazing to think back and see it for what it really meant. 
      It's intriguing even when it is hard to read the bad things that happen, yet how he unravels the so called mystery to why people survive ?? Remember, you never hear about these stories and he explains the sensationalism of the media and what should be buried or the perpetrators in them exposed as the cowards they are:
Makes sense not news ratings.

      Simply, let me tell you what it has done for me, besides inspire a post on a blog...

     I suffer from panic/anxiety attacks that I have prescribed mild medication for, that I use when I know an event is going to cause a reaction; a long freeway trip, large crowds, and such.  They are not always predictable because they can hit out of no where, for no reason and can feel paralyzing. 

     I don't think I can explain it in the right terms, feelings or thoughts, but I believe everyone should read it - even more women.  Including the media - and step up the way they portray their "breaking story" and help the masses, instead of their ratings.  

     I have gone over this book a few times to keep the words alive and a continuing lesson.  I can tell you, it was like sighing a breath of relief or an "aha" moment as I read parts.  It may not be "Mommy Porn" but it may help alot of mommies out there worry less about everything under the sun; and that's PRICELESS.

Peace of Mind

There is so much to this book.  I only touched on a couple topics and I hope you'll pick up a copy to enlightened yourself or a friend.  A lot of information to be had.  Happy reading !!

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