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Commercials....back then

Do you remember these ?  Just a blast from the past moment and though we weren't around the water cooler in a steel mill, it was cool to recall some of our favorites.  Hope you like them, too.

My dog was handicapped.

I am not a veggan.

You call that a LIZARD ??

A Wagon ???


Babies can do damage...

Hubby's favorite...?

No Blow pop here !!

Baloney ?????

Do you know a Mikie ?

I don't like orange cats, but he was cool.


Clapping yet ?

Just weird...

I am sure there are so many more memories out there, I couldn't even find all my own?  But it is fun to look back on forgotten laughs and the change in technology.  Kind of funny to look back and see myself moving the foil on the t.v. antenna (youngest) and my son taking a remote control for granted.  Remember channel 62 ?? Now we have 562 ?  Crazy.  


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