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Simply ADELE and then some....

She is a refreshing piece of work.  Love her music, but even more so her attitude.  One word can explain who and what she is:


I was headed to work before her interview with Matt Lauer was going to air ... I hit the record button on the way.   Her songs/music are not dark or sad - it is healing.  I bought the only two Cd's she has out, and the "in concert" DVD from London.


I am rarely impressed with celebrities, no matter what their mantra.  But she is a pleasant surprise, and so beautiful in her realness.  I hope she never loses it, which is so easy to do. 

I refuse to watch an Eddie Murphy movie after his German Shepard dog line saying A$$ in front of children in a movie theater (not in the commercials promoting it) or Tom Cruise movies after he jumped on Oprah's couch - a little too over the top for me, even leaving out the Scientology.  

I think we all do this to an extent... draw a line, and there are many examples out there.  But even in real time; real life - we have to make that choice.  What's good for us and what brings us down? 

I recently purchased and read a book suggested by Bobby Thomas. I am going to read it for the second time and highlight what I need to remember.  It was so enlightening.  And after my re-read... I will post my thoughts.  Adele is a far shout from this commentary but somehow it all works together for me and it could for you.   

I am reading this book again "The Gift of Fear".  I am also reading  "Fifty Shades of Darkness" and a third "The Girl Who Plays With Fire".  Everyone knows about the blowout "Mommy Porn Trilogy" and the "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" series.  

As interesting as the latter two can be?  The first intrigues me more so.  Because it can save your life... 


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