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Hey CANCER !!!!

     And if you came in some form other than cellular - I would torture you until you told me every thing I wanted to know:

Why have innocent children felt your presence ?
Why did you take my husbands' parents in such a horrific manner?
Why do you unite strangers to walk 60 miles in three days - and still cling to a mothers' breast ?
Why did you attack my father, TWICE ??

     There are too many people in this world who know you personally and could "WHY" you to eternity.... but show yourself in a physical form and face me....

... and I will put aside all my anger and only ask this:

     "How do we abolish you, in every sneaky evil way you exist, from the face of this planet?"

      You wonder why I don't ask for all the cures?  I have seen the havoc it brings and how quality of life is lost.

      Hospice is best used for comfort after a happy life, long lived and passing with grace.

      So you see, CANCER, it would be best that we had never met you at all.

     Bless all that have fought and won the war and more to the families left behind having watched a losing battle.

     Rest in peace knowing that humankind rages on in the fight to defeat this evil monster.  Hope and pray we banish it to the hell hole it crawled out of !!

     I had the dreaded 6 letter word.  Only beat it by cutting out a piece of me.  But I fear the monster cells still lurk within me, searching for a new nesting place, waiting to rear it's ugly head.

You are a vulture !!

     I write this in anger as yet another good woman will be struck down by this insatiable demon.   Hearing the worst, "There's nothing we can do for you."  That equates to being full of cancer - spread throughout the body.

     A friend and coworker, Vicky, has alot of people shedding tears over our impending loss.  She has always been the one there for any and every one in need.  Thoughtful, kind, generous - and I'd like her to know that NOW, before she leaves us.  Thank you, Vicky, for being such a kind and gentle soul.  Forever in our memories.  

    And now for a very dear and close friend, Luther Stewart.  Rest in Peace our cherished friend !!!  We love you.  


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