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Animals.... at the ZOO

     We all love the animals we get to see at the zoo.  Such an array; elephants, jelly fish, cheetahs, birds, reptiles,  giraffes, our bald eagle, bears, apes, meerkats, and so on...


     I always go with an expected sense of awe and yet with a very sad feeling because they are wild animals and no matter how much an institution cares and provides, it's still not their home.  I hope they are happy with their surroundings and accommodations and some of them put on such a show that maybe I am wrong and they don't have a clue about where they are.  Sometimes, I like to think we are the show for them; "Look at these funny looking creatures standing here watching me swing from rope to rope, just waiting for me to give them a thrill!".  
Silverback with D

     This big ole boy walked straight from a corner to sit directly in front of me, I could only wonder what he was thinking, looking into his deep brown eyes.  A majestic being, behind glass, looking at me as if asking, "What?"  It was awesome having him so close, eye to eye... and his hand holding the column -->>
Silverback's hand...
     My husband, who is by no means a small man, didn't even compete! While I enjoyed this primates' patience of all of us funny people staring, chatting and picture taking, I was more astounded by the young college girl calling him a her...  finally I could take no more.  "He's a silverback, he runs the place," I said.  Her friend peered through the glass, "Yeah, her back is silver."  REALLY?  I had to leave after that, I have no idea what he did, but I hope he walked away, too.
Is he a LIONS fan ???
     That was the closest I came to one of these amazing animals but they all shined on a cool day in May.  This day it was the Toledo Zoo, but it could be any zoo, any where.  Watching The Animal Planet channel or The Discovery Channel helps to educate, but going there is money put to good use.  The Bald Eagles in the slide show are rescues -> and cannot be returned to the wild, one is missing his/her left eye.  So I can only hope all these animals are here for a reason, to be saved and/or to inspire us to save them.  

     We had a good time, and the animals were on the move since the weather was cooler, always a good thing for both spectators.  So wherever you are, take an interest and do what you can to help.  We took D's dad to The Detroit Zoo before we lost him.  And we feed the neighborhood birds... D hates one video-->> BIRDS  And we have three cats we adopted from a local rescue shelter (no kill), Shelter to Home


(video cam in the wild)

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