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SPOONful of Joy ...

... and Bundle of Boy...

     The two do go together at a baby shower...

     My husbands' granddaughter is expecting a boy in December.  Nobody thinks she will make it that long and I said, "Hey, shoot for the 20th."  She said, "25th".  I said, "No."... and either way the Christmas baby eventually hears.... 

"this is for Christmas and your birthday."

     I got lucky with my boy... born in January when all the toys go on sale ?? Rock on !!!  See, I made sure Mom gave him a bigger and better Christmas than Santa.   

    Whatever the date, she's a young mother with a long road ahead of her but also with a large support system gathered around.  And I just wanted to add a personal touch where I could, regardless of how small...

                                                                                                                           I saw this initially on *Pinterest* as some fancy dancy concoction (no disrespect to the inventor) but the basics were made for playing with.  I like simple and quick, and to the point, and easy and fast, and assembly-line *Ford-like.  LOL  In other words ? If I ain't making money, I can lose interest fast. Just keep me occupied with imagination...

       I tested it with plastic soup spoons with peanut butter dipped in chocolate - always thinking; bigger is better ! ?  After running that by the old man, two poker players, and colleagues at work ?  Too much peanut butter not enough substance.  Now roll in the idea maker, toiler, and that guy/gal that is paid to shoot down your ideas?  


First trial....

      Yeah, me. LOL  I don't eat it,  I just make it and wait and listen. (Toiler must have came from the time of year - *Halloween.) Then the light bulb goes off (the environmentally good one) and says, "I have seen colored spoons  (is that even right?)  and chose BLUE (given the election year or college teams ... is THAT even right?).  Thought about using blue (white) chocolate but had too much milk cocoa left (saving moola)... and instead invested in mini *M&M's to mix with the peanut butter (which brand shall not be named).  

*NOTE these companies should be paying me for adverts.

     Anyway, congrats to the young couple with the X-mas baby on the way... and here's what I brought to the shower.

     I called them "Baby Boy Rattles" and they are very easy to make and would imagine easily changed to fit the party of the hour, as long as people like chocolate ?  

     Spoon of choice
     Filling of choice
     Melted chocolate of choice
     Filling of choice
     Outer decoration of choice
     Sandwich baggies with ribbon of choice


#1     Plain blue spoon
#2     Added peanut butter
#3     Added M&M's (will use unnamed chips next time :-P)
#4     Dipped in milk chocolate and added blue sprinkles
#5     Use pleated sandwich bags and blue ribbon


    The options are endless, it boggles the mind.  Needless to say, they were a hit, but then again, I always aim to please and then some.  


      Next up ? 
      I am going to lacquer my cat in her most annoying position upon my plant terrarium.  But she'll always appear "cute".  hahahahahahahahahaha 

Think I might be back blogger world...

Watch out. 

muuuaahhhhhhhhhhh LOL


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