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SENSEless killing..... senseless.  

"Police are looking for a motive." 
"He must have snapped."
"His girlfirend left him."
"They were in the middle of a nasty divorce."
"It was just too much for her."

You will never make sense of a senseless killing.  PERIOD.
But to the person commiting the crime - it makes perfect sense.

I started this post on July 21st.  It is now December 29th, same year.  I don't think we are desensitized from violence, we just hope in ignorance - that it doesn't touch us.  

My biggest fear when my son was small;  crossing the street - but also a wacko scooping him up and out of my safety net.   But , never ever ever did I worry about a lunatic entering our elementary school with ANY type of gun.  

So stop  arguing about semi-auto / full-auto or ten pistols with rounds galore...  Save the unprotected from the idiots of this world... and it's not just this country.  Killing is rampant all over this globe !!!  

Screw the NRA and all their corporate money - aren't they suppose to be the common legal gun-toting citizen union ? 
Ted Nugent = IDIOT.

Something is coming... and it won't bode well for the common thief, gunslinger, gangbanger, bully... etc.

If I had my perfect scenerio ?  I'd have me a 50 cal on top of a high rise taking out the poor excuse for humans... a Sniper.  Or in any building... we should hire those people - scare the fuck outta them assholes !!  WOOT WOOT

Gangster wanna be's   manhoods with a guns  crap-ass sperm donators and the females that condone them.... the list goes on and on.   Hang onto your excuses for BS existence and hurt your own kind.  When pushed into a corner, you might be surprised who stands up and knocks your dick in the dirt.  And like you might ...

...."just sayin"  with a waggle of the head... 

Reply :  "Really?"



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