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RANTS of ALL sorts ......

Are there things on a day to day basis that just piss you off ?  I think we all have pet peeves but come the morning (as I am NOT a morning person) shit just irks me...

... like the morning radio show hostess that is fat and obnoxious yet is passed off as entertainment when she's really a bully.  Didn't say what she felt until Florine of Weight Watchers was off the air.  I am still filling my arsenal of e-mails to throw at the cow.  (Typically I would not be so rude - but you get what you give.)  "Oh, but she can hang up on me... Wimp."
96.3 FM  Blaine & Allison
... and Dana sounds like the wild animal chick (not a dis, the woman has been on the TODAY show that she sounds like.) 
BTW - I do change the station :-P

...idiots in Michigan, though raised here, forget how to drive in the snow - NOT squall - SNOW.  I wanted soooo much to go shopping last Saturday, yet my pleasure was waylaid due to inclement weather... I wonder how many people truly needed to be out in it?  It wasn't us... flakes were flying during our lunch and we determined  - - - -  safer to get off the road, and shop on Sunday. 

... people that invent stories.  
Always reminds me of long ago reading a MAD magazine cartoon:
Neighbor knocks on door.  Ill neighbor states, "Sorry, I was diagnosed with pneumonia." The good neighbor replies - "Oh that ain't nothing - I had DOUBLE pneumonia !" Just real sick people.

... reading the supposed different papers... ONE democratic ONE republican... yet print the same friggin' stories.   Then on Sunday - infiltrate each other?  NOT democracy.  Oh - it's the Free Press & Detroit News.  

... gossipers that ask for your word of honor to NOT repeat what they said in confidence ... just so they could be the first to pass it on to every other soul.  Why ?

... Detroit thinking they can save "their" city --->> you did it to yourselves.  
AND you still back Kwame  LMAO 
Good luck...  you won't make it by re-electing the same kind of self-preserving idiots.
Go Simpson ... maybe put him on your ballot ? OJ not Homer :-P

.... Four wheelers (cars);  use your friggin' turn signals... lanes... mirrors - AND get the hell out of my way.  I get up on time and know my route to work.  Get off the phone, stop texting and pay attention because if you hurt MY child - there's no place you can hide for being stupid. PERIOD.  

R - epercussion
A - venged
G - ravity
E - nded

People take too lightly when something might happen, I don't.  Pay attention before it's one of your loved ones in the paper.

Our company
"To be fair... they do stash their profits safely in the Cayman Islands"
*in case it's too blurry to read*
...  After the fact accidents - BS.  Ask a mother to be your safety rep - she has invisioned all that could happen in a situation before you even start conversing about it. (Which you don't until someone gets hurt.)  Wishing the best for Craig and his family.

... Tri-County smoke law ?  Do you know I pass through a door every day warning me about asbestos?  Why hasn't THAT been addressed and taken care of ?

Just my first rant... I think it won't be the end.


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