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A Remodel With Flavor....

     We were having work done in the back yard, and last opportunity to have a garden because that's where the deck will be next year... so hubby (that's Big D above) wanted his sunflowers.  hmmm He likes lace doilies, too - just so you know. We can't put a privacy fence where these plants are growing due to un-neighborly neighbors? (or is that an oxymoron?)  Do you see what he is standing on? It's a wonder I didn't have to take him to the hospital - and sunflowers would have been on his damn casket (just being silly!) LOL That is a plastic table and he ain't no table dancer - seriously! Not a floor dancer either! Shhhh!

 But I have a picture of our overgrown garden, including his "extra" flowers:
      Yeah, tall leafy things are his flowers and then our friends' over grown tomato plants (I don't eat raw tomatoes.) but - those are my sugar snap peas in the center. My son hates canned peas but will go to the garden and eat fresh peas off the vine- please try it, you won't regret it!!  Mann's Sugar Snap Peas    Awesome.  But, where that garden is ...will be our new deck come next year with oh so many changes to the house... I will share some finished remodels at a later date...
      Getting to be my bedtime but sometimes I just don't want to stop. And you know what's cool?  I warned Big D I might get addicted... and he encourages me! (and NO he's not going out gambling or whatever other husbands do now - cause he's old HA just joking! I love him and couldn't live without him. Thank you, Babe and I love you !)
     Oh  more sunflowers in the back and ANOTHER monster tomato plant! But the yard is improved 100%... very sweet!  Take care, Downriver ... until next time !


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