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Sacrifice a child ?? For what?

                                     HMMMM..... What's this..... glass ???


       For the life of me, I cannot figure out why people think this video is funny?  Can someone of sane mind explain?  Okay, you're rich and have a safe house; bullet proof windows, etc - do you stand there and blow rasberries at the murderous intruders trying to get in? Seriously? You need your damn head examined !!  

     We ponder about the violence in our cities, the disregard of life, the so-called impact of video games, but you dress your very own innocent baby in black and white stripes, place him/her in front of a lion cage, video tape it, and upload it with sound ?? And it's suppose is to be funny?

    Keep laughing you sicko.  I am disgusted.  Why don't you all don a freaking zebra suit, and when they break through ? 
What are you going to do, sue? Seriously? Woe is me?

The PURGE… be funnier when you're the ones behind glass ??

     There are enough animals out there preying on our children.  Do the parents need to be a part of them? For the love of money or fifteen minutes of fame?  You birthed them, you owe them.  They did not choose you; you chose them. Do the right thing.  PERIOD.